30. Jun, 2012

a word to young musicians

I have noticed a somewhat worrying trend. A few young musicians I have come across display arrogance and a lack of humility not commensurate with their talent. They may be quite talented but they are inexperienced and yet they refuse to rehearse/practice/perform or otherwise be musically active until and unless their unrealistic conditions have been [...]

27. Jun, 2012

my main man, my dog

A few months ago I experienced one of those Hollywood moments that no one really wants to experience. The one where the husband comes home and his wife, presumably long suffering, tells him she doesn’t love him anymore. Obviously, my first reaction was shock and disbelief. It’s the mental equivalent of being hit in the [...]

19. Jun, 2012

Heather Laveaux – la chanteuse extraordinaire

Heather Laveaux has a beautiful┬áname, a beautiful voice and a beautiful face. She also writes great tunes. But I am not here to write about her name and I am not here to write about her beauty. It’s her music that captivated me enough to try and pen a few lines about it. One of [...]

17. Jun, 2012

musicians and music pretenders

out of nowhere I have noticed a phenomenon here in Orlando that I’m sure exists elsewhere but seems to be REALLY prominent here. There are a lot of people here who make their living playing music but they are not musicians. By that I mean, they can’t read or write music (perhaps no big deal, [...]

27. Jan, 2012


I grew up in an “intellectual” household. My father was a writer and a screenplay writer. His friends were all in the mind business: what they produced – be it short stories, novels, scripts, poems, essays – was created in their minds. My dad and his friends would gather in either our apartment or one [...]

26. Jan, 2012

sharing and comparing

I guess a disproportionate number of my blog entries are about comparing life in Canada and the U.S. If this topic bores you, I apologize. I will get back to writing about music (or women?) in my next entry. But for now, let me just write a few words about some observations I’ve made this [...]

25. Jan, 2012

the curse of the 16th note

I play 16th notes poorly, not fluently and only one or two clusters at a time. It’s therefore possible that what I want to say is biased because of my lacking technique. Be that as it may, I think the rapid fire 16th notes multi clusters as used in be-bop, post bop and other form [...]

03. Jan, 2012

gosh darned politics

I consider myself a classic Liberal. It’s called “libertarian” today but I never liked that word. Sounds too much like “libertine”…a negative tinge to it. Broadly speaking, classic liberalism is the oldest “live and let live” credo. We need some sort of government in order to provide security, to preserve infrastructure, to levy a certain [...]

24. Dec, 2011

matter of the heart

So I’m talking to a Canadian friend and he says with an air of superiority and contempt: “I don’t know why you would want to move from Canada to the U.S. I’ve been to the U.S. but I would NEVER want to live there” What’s surprising about this utterance is not the sentiment itself. It’s [...]

22. Dec, 2011

first impressions

Perhaps it’s apropos to mention some first impressions of life in Central Florida. Of course, I have visited here countless times but now I can legally work here, have a social security number and can call myself a “legal alien”. So my perspective has shifted somewhat from that of an ordinary tourist. Let me first [...]